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Empower Your Voice was born from another program that we started for our younger age groups – Find Your Voice (FYV)Find Your Voice is a program that combines psychology with music.  The goal is to tailor resources within the program to the individual as a means to improve their mental health affected negatively by COVID-19, social isolation, family, and peer dynamics.  How do we achieve this, you ask?  Through music, writing and art.

Empower Your Voice takes this concept to a more abstract level.  This 12 week program is designed to pair adults with an Empowerment Coach that will not only advocate and assist with mental health interventions but will help create a life vision and realistic goal oriented actions to help those that need direction, healing and purpose.  Finding your purpose is critical to moving forward, removing blocks and limitations from past trauma that can help you move forward into your life’s mission.

Empower Your Voice provides the following:

  • One on one weekly meetings with your Empowerment Coach to develop a purpose driven life plan for 12 weeks

  • Individualized plan for you based on your purpose, goals and vision

  • Bi-weekly meetings with your mentor after the initial 12 week block

  • Twice a month group meetings with the Program Director to continue skill development as well as to network and form relationships with other program participants

  • Access to our online community and resources

The program is structured for two tracts, the first is our signature 12 week program and the second is an ongoing program that continues after the initial 12 weeks to provide individual and group guidance and instruction to maintain your forward movement. 

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